Marcus Mosley Jr

Today, Monday, is a difficult and heart felt day for me. It is truly hard on me and our family ( his Mom: Juanita Ruiz and Sister: Iva). Eight Years ago on July 16, 2010 my 29-year-old son Marcus Mosley Jr. was murdered in the City of Berkeley. As for today we have never found the culprits or person responsible for this horrific tragedy, and the Berkeley Police have not made any arrest and doesn’t appear to even have a clue on who did this act. Again I am Not Blaming Cops.. or in fact anyone… I am merely expressing what it feels like Losing a child to Violence. Throughout America and the World, these Tragic acts of violence are occurring with increasing frequency and senselessness, destroying innocent lives devastating families and the communities we live in. However, in light to what has transpired, I‘ve come to realize I cannot bring my son back. So decided to help all human beings, who have experienced this horrible pain of losing your child, or a loved one to violence. It really doesn’t matter what the age or the nationality is; It is still a loss. As Human Being creatures, created by God. We should be responsible citizens, hold persons accountable for violent acts Always bearing this in mind that Life is truly Precious.. Remember, You .. At some point realized in life you are here on Earth … Have some Regard, Respect (that is for the planet, other human beings regardless of race, sex, or religion) Responsibility and most importantly Accountability.. My prayer is that no one will ever have to suffer this pain I feel when you lose a kid , or a loved one… Cuz it never goes away.